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The effort that goes in to the final product (the song) takes elbow grease. To all those who have done it successfully, hats off to ya! Sure, there's the fun inspired phase, where you get to write lyrics and melodies and pick your favorite birds to sing with atop a rainbow .... but if you ever want to share that song, or even think about getting paid for songs, there's a whole other can of worms you better crank open and start swallowing. Would a bird want a whole can of worms, though?  I think, yes!


I've always entertained myself through writing. If I think a certain concept is clever enough or sad enough, I like to try and organize words around it. It's called musing and the outcome for me has been over 100 different poems that I always save under a dropbox file labeled "songs".

Wait, what? But they aren't songs! You just said they were poems ...

I know, I know. Words are only lyrics when melodies are attached and frustratingly none of my words would every come to me with melodies attached.  For a long time this was a drag. Not because there's anything wrong with poems but singers want songs, you see. They want lyrics, and hooks, and that fourth stanza better sound like a bridge or a chorus, otherwise you're going to have to eventually change that file name to poems and not be sad about it. 

Thankfully, one glorious day, my year long curse broke and I didn't feel the urge to grab a pen but instead some type of recording app.  I also didn't want to scare it away, raise my blood pressure, and write anything other than a ballad, so I calmly  found my phone and bravely sang the first line, then sang the second line, paused to think, sang the third line .... then smiled. I had a good hunch about this one.

I decided upon the name "Chardonnay" pretty quickly, too. The moment the opening line ended "my tempting love, my Chardonnay" I knew it should be about him.  That person you have to put effort into getting over; sometimes more than once, maybe forever.  

Phase two in my song writing process ALWAYS goes like this for me. Find the most talented musicians I can and convince them to help me make it a "real song".  For this first song, I got extra lucky. Adam Armijo partnered with me to get 'er done and I could not have convinced a better dude! If you don't know who this guy is you better look him up .... Adam Armijo  Thank you my friend. 


I can't write too much detail about this part because Adam did most of the heavy lifting (prayer hands emoji). I think that's what you get when you work with such a pro and one thing lead to another and I couldn't believe my ears .... I had a song! My first recorded song!

Adam Armijo - Guitar, Arrangement

Bill Whittington - Mix

Myles David Lancette - Studio 5, Percussion