Price Sheet




$400/ceremony. Violin and Guitar Duo.

Ceremonies typically last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. We perform for guest arrival, bridal party entrances and exits, and any other time upon request. Customizable set lists. 

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$600/3 hours. Guitar and Vocal Duo.

Semi-customizable set list and stylized look/feel to complement as requested. Private events include dinner parties, house parties, and corporate events.  Additional band members can be added, upon request such as percussion, second guitarist, male vocal, etc). Additional fees will apply



$200-450/3 hours. Guitar and Vocal Duo.

When an establishment agrees to host us weekly or bi-monthly the price is based on venue size. Small venues (such as wine bars/coffee shops) start at $200/3 hours. Set lists are tailored to the crowd and room.  

*Prices can vary depending on location of event/venue, availability, and potential marketability. Call Kim at 602-321-8469 for more details or email at