What to expect ...

First of all, THANK YOU for working with me! Thank you for showing up to gigs, taking the time to learn my set list, some of my originals, and for teaching me what it means to be and work with professional musicians in this town. I am continually humbled by the musicians I'm able to share stages with and I hope to always be improving our performances and our relationship throughout the years.  Here are a few things I've come to find are important to do as a band leader: 

EQUAL PAY: Each band member gets equal pay. I don't take booking fee's or band leader fees. Each performance pay is split evenly between members. 

PAYMENTS: I try to pay band members day of performance through zelle or venmo. For some private events a "hold date" payment will be sent prior to event. 

Text/Email: I typically text to check availability and then follow up with an email confirmation that outlines date/location/time and load in time. 

Set Lists: I use band helper to organize my set lists. Band members are responsible for their own charts. 

Style: For a duo performance I think it fun to have a more inspired feel and not stick to the original record arrangement. For full band performances sticking to the arrangement makes it easier for. It's just important to give turn around cues, end of song cues, etc to keep the band together (of which I'll do my best to do).

Originals: If we want to perform original songs lead sheets will be provided and mp3s. 

COMMUNICATION: If I'm doing something that can be improved please let me know. I will do my best to alter or explain any reasoning behind the action.

NEW MEMBERS: It pains me to turn down a gig because another duo partner or band member is not available. I 

GOALS/DREAMS: I understand that each musician has their own goals, dreams and if I can support that I will. This includes helping another